Many people associate board games with family entertainment, but did you know that board games are also available with a distinctly adult theme? To see the variety of adult-oriented games available, look no further than a retailer of adult products such as dildos and vibrators. If you’re afraid of going to a sex shop, it might be a good idea to check out what’s available online for adults.

Adult themed games come in many different forms: card games with naked models; drinking games perfect For a night out with the guys or the gals, or to run a bachelorette party with a blast; betting and casino games; mature style truth or dare; electric shock games and games of a sexual nature. The number of players for each adult game varies depending on the game or your decision on how many people you want to enjoy the fun and fun!

The most popular adult-themed games available are Sexopoly, the Nookii adult board game, and Monogamy. Sexopoly offers a sexual take on the traditional monopoly, a board game. Aimed at 2 to 8 players, Sexopoly is a game of tactics and luck designed to be played by couples and friends, where the aim is to lose your inhibitions and have fun at the same time. With each roll of the dice, you can move around the board and buy businesses along the way with the Sexopoly notes. Who will make the most money from the porn industry? A sexy twist arises when a player has to pick up a Risky or Frisky card, which leads to the loss of money, clothes, and inhibitions and can even result in challenges of a sexual nature!

The Nookii board game for adults is one of the most successful board games for adults in history. This board game is specifically aimed at couples where the goal is not to move around the board but around each other! There are three different levels of cards to choose from – Mmm, Ooh, and Aah – which determine which fun, thrilling or erotic maneuvers you perform. This board game has over 2500 different permutations and positions, so you should never run out of ideas when it comes to sex!

Monogamy is also a game intended for couples. There are three different levels of question fulfill as the game progresses, the questions get more intimate, and the sexy challenges get hot and steamy. The winner is the first person to undertake 50 fantasies successfully. It can be a very long night! There are no losers, though, as the game continues for days after you close the box, with a special treat feature.

With so many adult games on sale, you’re spoiled for choice!