Adult cruises have become extremely popular in recent years. Imagine thousands of sexy swingers sitting all together on a cruise ship and how much fun that could be.

If you choose an adults-only cruise, lifestyle cruising is essentially the same as choosing a regular cruise without considering children. This is entirely a decision for the adults. As with general cruising, ship style, size, destinations, and length are a few things to consider. The one common denominator you’ll find is crowds of sexy swingers all ready to have a good time on adult cruises.

Lately, we have seen a rise in full and partial chartering of ships around the worldwide sailing ships to the fifth largest cruise ship in the world, full of people enjoying their swing lifestyle; you’ll find something to tickle your fancy. Whether it’s the Caribbean, Bahamas, Tahiti, Mediterranean, Greek Islands, or Alaska, there are sure to be opportunities to make lots of new friends from around the world.

Part charters usually involve booking an entire floor of a regular cruise or just booking a large group of swingers. All the general rules of the ship must be followed on these cruises, but there may be some organized activities and private areas for those who enjoy a swing lifestyle, such as a game room or private cocktail party or meet and greet.

For f The rules may vary from ship to ship and are generally at the cruise line’s discretion for full-ship charters ships will allow full nudity at all times and will stop at destinations where this can continue ashore. Others will allow nudity on the pool deck, but clothing is required in the dining room, and some form of cover is required in other general areas of the vessel. The cruise operators will inform you of all requirements, and it is very important to the integrity of future adult cruises that the applicable rules are followed. The prices of full takeover lifestyle charters are higher than with public cruises because of the exclusivity. They are not unreasonable for the opportunity to connect with thousands of other swingers and the organizers’ extra entertainment. Some adult cruises sell out 18 months in advance as they are very popular with a swing lifestyle.

For most of these adult cruises, the organizers also negotiate a special rate at a special hotel close to the port, and many couples arrive a few days early to see the sights and meet before the cruise.

If you’ve tried the adults-only lifestyle resorts and are looking for the next step in the swing lifestyle, you should try one of the adult-only cruises available. What have you got to lose except your clothes?

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