If you are a senior living an independent and active life, you may want to think about your living situation. Active adult communities are an option for people 55 and older. These real estate developments offer their residents a living pleasure independent in nature and relatively maintenance-free. Some of these places are age-appropriate, and some are age-oriented. The first means that 80 percent of homeowners must be 55 years of age or older, while the second does not state a percentage. Age-appropriate locations are available to anyone 55 and older.

Many individuals living in this housing style still have full-time or part-time jobs why they are referred to as ‘active adult communities instead of ‘adult retirement communities. The inhabitants of these places have no restrictions or objections to their children or grandchildren’s visits (or frequent visits). What connects the over-55s is the assumption that individuals share some of the same interests, pursuits, pastimes, and leisure activities at this stage of their lives.

At the most basic and general level, the emotional aspect of these environments means that no one living in them needs any assistance in carrying out daily life activities, such as preparing meals, taking medicines, personal care, and household chores. There is often plenty of onsite activities and easy access to shopping, medical facilities, cultural attractions, and entertainment in active adult communities. According to a 2005 U.S. housing survey, Eighty-five percent of those living in over-55s are in or near a metropolitan area.

However, you should remember that active adult communities are not just a form of real estate for a select group of people. Those who decide to be part of this living situation also choose the community and the type of lifestyle that goes with it. The modern housing arrangements for these locations offer any number of activities to fit anyone’s schedule. While knitting, card games, and shuffleboard are available for those who wish to participate, there are also plenty of other fun activities for residents to get involved in.

Many of these housing options promote the feeling of vacation or resort visits for those who live there. They do this by offering facilities and activities that appeal to many people. Still, others do their best to emphasize a fun social or cultural life.

The “active” aspect of the equation involves both the body and the mind in these environments. Those who live in these situations can participate in a range of health-oriented and social pursuits that make them happy. They can cycle, play golf, swim, walk and jog. They can walk heels by dancing or practicing yoga, Pilates, or aerobics. They can also enjoy a game of darts or bowling on the lawn. Arts and crafts can also be set up, movie nights, and holiday gatherings.